Company profile

Company «Architectural Forms» was founded in 2006 as a separate division of Production and Construction Company for working on the installation of architectural films 3M.

After the conclusion of a distribution agreement with the company «3M Russia» our staff has received certification from the 3M Company, confirming the quality of the installation work on the field: «Architecture of the film and flooring.»

At present, we specialize in providing vocational gluing architectural films 3M. Narrow specialization allows our experts to carry out projects of any complexity with true craftsmanship.

Our staff is a team of professionals working in the market of building materials and technology over 15 years.

We do not limit the services of gluing, the company’s warehouse in Moscow you can buy 3M protective film for architectural projects and cars.

Our customers — along with banks, large companies, building owners, commercial enterprises with a strong network of shops, construction and investment companies, architectural firms, design groups, and private individuals who are able to save through advanced materials and technologies.

We value our customers and we are ready for a long-term fruitful cooperation.